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I make Websites and Online Stores. My business Website is TheronWP.com.

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My name is Theron Burrough and I live in Michigan, having moved from my hometown of New York in 2021. I miss the big city but the people in my town are wonderful. I love the open spaces and trees.

My Website tagline mentions the 21st Century, which I anticipated with excitement since boyhood. Long before computers and the Internet were available, I looked forward to whatever our bright, technological future would bring.

Not everything is going well in the 21st Century. I’ll restrict my comments to the parts I expected and am grateful for.

The future is here. It’s a new reality filled with learning and relearning. Our world is as radically new as those following the printing press, wired and broadcast information. It’s filled with inspiration and opportunity.

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I Make WordPress Websites

This Website was created with the wonderful WordPress software. I design and develop WordPress Websites for businesses and individuals.

If you’d like a Website or help achieving your Website goals, please visit TheronWP.com.

WordPress Websites and Associated Services

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Welcome To My Business Website

My name is Theron Burrough. I create WordPress Websites, Content and Graphics. I provide Tech Support and related services. Read more at my About Me page.

I’m for Hire

Would you like to order a custom-designed Website? Maybe you’d like a makeover of your existing Website, or help maintaining your Web presence? I offer a variety of online solutions, including tech support and Website maintenance.

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Client Testimonials

My clients appreciate that I care about each of their projects. See their testimonials at TheronWP.com.

My Website Portfolio

Below are some of the Websites I’ve created for clients and my business endeavors.

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Decentralist.io is a Website and Forum about Money and Currency
WellsElevators.com is the Website of an Elevator Company.
Screenshot of SURVIVEOMATIC.com
Screenshot of WPWebsiteShop.com
Screenshot of TheronWP.com



Five-Star Rating on Fiverr.com

“Theron is working on four Website projects with me. He consistently delivers quality Websites on schedule, updating me regularly. I find him easy to communicate with, and he has great ideas and suggestions for my projects. Theron is also pleasant to work with and I am happy to recommend him.”

Garth Wells

Repeat Customer, United States

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Online Solutions

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Web Design and Development

Making Your Project Memorable

From concept to completion, I’ll craft your unique website in WordPress and optimize it for speed.

I’ll tailor your Website to captivate your target audience.

Visit my Freelance Web Design and Development site, TheronWP.com.

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Quality Content Reigns

Engage Your Audience

I create meticulously researched articles, compelling copywriting, and eye-catching graphics for your Website.

To ensure freshness and engagement I’ll update your content according to schedule.

Website Maintenance and Technical Support

Worry-Free Website Ownership

WordPress Website Maintenance and Technical Support can equip you with the capabilities of a larger organization. Hourly and monthly rates are available.

Staffing Your Project

Joining or Creating Your Team

I’m ready to join your team, learn your work process, and reserve your time.

When your need a team of specialists assembled, I’ll work as your Project Manager or Consultant.

“Theron was by far the most thorough person I’ve ever worked with on Fiverr. Highly recommend him and will be continuing work with him in the future.”

johnhoward599, Repeat Customer, United States

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Large and Small Projects Welcomed

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To propose solutions that work for your organization, I’ll make sure I understand what you do, and who your customers are.


When everything is riding on your idea and its execution, full immersion is the only way to work. I take your success as seriously as you do.


Need to cover a heavy work load or overflow? Shorthanded in sales and administration? I’m ready to jump in and join your work flow.

Maybe you?

Everyone who wants a hand needs a good listener. I love to help people achieve their goals. If I have the applicable skill set, we’re in like Flynn. If outside expertise is needed I’ll help to find it.

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